Fascinating and thought provoking read. (Also, I have to admit I'd never thought about Latinate words. Yikes! Or, yay?) I think you're right that much of writing advice is actually editing advice. Maybe because the actual "writing" part is so much trickier to teach, insofar as it comes from somewhere beyond words.

"To reveal what's inside your mind, you must understand, quite obviously, whats inside your mind." -- YES. In a lot of ways, I think this is why writing makes for pretty effective therapy.

Grateful to have discovered your work!

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“you grab the sensations inside your mind and put them into coherent sentences on the page.” I like your wording here to describe writing. The overused advice “Write what you know” never worked as well for me as “write what you feel.” Sometimes I would grab a random photograph, either one of my own or a stock photo I liked, and then craft a story around it. I’d allow my emotions and feelings to guide me. Amazingly, stories often emerged. I had no idea where they came from in me. Sometimes random, out of left field, but they were often my best stories. I guess this is why I don’t favor outlines much. They seem to stifle my creativity the way reading notes while playing the piano feels wooden compared to improvisational playing.

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This is interesting. Thank you. I think a lot of people overthink how they're writing, they're not really letting the reader into their minds. Writing requires a certain level of vulnerability, not everyone wants to be vulnerable. Understandable, but they're not going to get the reader to connect with them if they're not being vulnerable. Anyways I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

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