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Who writes Desk Notes?

I’m Charles Schifano, and I’m a writer and teacher. The best way to read my new writing is through Desk Notes. If you are passionate about language, I think that you will enjoy Desk Notes.

Here are a few of the most read issues:

  • SoundlessNothing makes you doubt the merits of a music education more than a neighbor who takes up the violin.

  • The Problem With Contemporary WritingTo care about the state and quality of writing today is to scream into a void while knowing that the void does nothing but laugh.

  • Punctuation Here’s a question that you can’t answer: what is punctuation?

Language is the foundation of Desk Notes, but there’s no limit to the scope.

If you enjoy my writing, and if you have the means to support Desk Notes, then I encourage you to try a paid subscription—which both supports the public issues and includes additional issues about language, more contemporary subjects, and my travel writing.

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Exploring writing, travel, and literature.