Spend a little time with Dostoevsky if you’re ever feeling a bit glum.
To spend the majority of your time crafting artificial symbols on a surface—whether your medium is stone, paper, or pixels—will always be a curious…
Discoveries are perfectly acceptable in the wild, but I prefer to avoid them in my apartment.
Museum exhibit labels have the peculiar quality of giving you both too much and not enough information.
To read an incomplete manuscript is to catch a writer in the nude.
If you are ever lost in an Italian city, look for Dante Alighieri street.
Tossing out the word fate might be sufficient to hush most dinner parties.
Despite the desires of some readers, nobody should expect any good novels about Covid.
He will forever have grand plans for the world, and the world will forever disappoint him with its failures.
Most contemporary non-fiction books take three hundred pages to tell a one hundred page story.
When the dark-haired boy jumps into the street, I have the clearest view.
The year is 1955, and we’re in London, amid the bustle and pomp and fuss of a fashion house.